1335 Kingdom

A new booklet written by Baruch Korman, PhD


1335 Kingdom provides an overview of the major events leading up to the end of times in the Book of Revelation. Author Dr. Baruch Korman examines how today's political events directly relate to the prophecies made about the transition from this earthly world to the Kingdom of G-d. The biblical prophets reveal great hardships — are you prepared? Baruch answers this question and more. 

With a short, easy-to-read format, the cost of this digital manuscript is only $1.50 to help cover the cost of translating this presentation into different languages. We plan to add additional languages in the near future. 



Understanding the End Times in Light of the Holocaust

a new 4-part video study series by baruch korman, phD

We very much appreciate the feedback and reaction to the 1335 Kingdom booklet. Hearing your requests to do a similar video study prompted Baruch to create a 4-part study series. These videos were produced in a studio with a special set that was created by Credo TV in Romania. This complete 4-part video study series (four 28:30 minute videos) is now available for download and streaming at a price of $8.00 which allows us to pay the production costs.

Our Blessed Hope, "The Rapture"

Answering questions concerning the rapture by baruch korman, phD

The Bible speaks of Our Blessed Hope, which is commonly referred to as the Rapture.  This video was produced to answer some questions concerning a discussion seen on TV by a good friend of Baruch. Although many parts of scripture are studied to arrive at a clear conclusion, the Greek text is used to show the meaning of the primary text of 2 Thessalonians 2:1-8.